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Get Rid Of Green Lines On Videos - VLC

I upgraded my VLC one day only to discover that there was a thin green line on the right-hand side and the bottom edge of the video.

green line screenshot

Here's how to get rid of it. Go into Tools and then Preferences.


Click on the Video icon at the top and go to the Output section. It will probably be on Automatic. You might have to experiment with each one to find the one choice that works for you. After you make a change, click on the Save button towards the bottom and then close and restart VLC.


The first choice under Automatic is Direct3D video output. No change. The next choice Direct X (DirectDraw) video output, worked. In fact all the choices from Direct X (DirectDraw) video output to Windows GDI video output worked.

The Color ASCII art video output creates a video where the screen is made up of letters and numbers. The screen size was not adjustable in my case.

vlc ascii video output

And everything from Dummy video output to Disable, I only get the sound but no video. So a quick fix for a minor issue.