[HOME]11:55 AM September 9, 2016

Deactivate Facebook

A woman recently called me because she was convinced her computer was hacked. Without going into any details she wanted me to reset her computer, close all her accounts email and Facebook. She had planned to create new accounts after.

First of all it was a Dell all-in-one, originally running Windows 7 but currently running Windows 10. I just tried to reset Windows 10 at first by going to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery. Just follow through from there.

I had a problem - when it got to the point to chose keyboard language, the keyboard and mouse stopped working, so I couldn't make any choice. It was a wireless keyboard and mouse that stopped working at this point for some reason and they didn't have any other, keyboards or mice that is.

So I tried a factory reset. Same problem came up. It would get to the keyboard selection but it would kill the keyboard and mouse and I couldn't make a selection.

So I ended up creating a new user account on her computer and deleting the old one.

Then canceling her online accounts. I'm going to concentrate on Facebook here. So if you want to get rid of your Facebook account, sign into Facebook. Go into the Settings menu.

Then on the left hand menu click on Security - then last item on the list Deactivate Your Account.

Click on Edit and more info will drop down. Click on in blue letters Deactivate your account.

In the next screen chose a reason why and check the Email opt out option. Then click on the Deactivate button. They will ask you to confirm click on Deactivate now.

That's it.

Keep in mind, you still may get notifications, others will still be able to post to your wall, deletion of the account doesn't happen right away. As I understand it, it may take a couple of weeks. So DO NOT EVER SIGN IN. If you do Facebook will assume you want to keep your account. So just ignore it and get on with your life. :-)