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How To Monitor Your Computers CPU Temperature.

I just recently bought my nephews desktop computer with the following specs:

A couple days ago I turned it on and it gave a CPU fan error. Ever since I been using SpeedFan to monitor the temperatures. My CPU temperature is constantly up into the 88-90C (198.4F - 194 F) range even when I'm not doing anything. And the CPU Fan speed is listed at 645 RPM.

According to Speedfan I don't have any other fans running but there are two case fans running all the time, one on the back and one on top.

Here are all the temperatures listed by Speedfan at the time of this writing:


Oddly, the only time the temperature seems to come down is when I'm doing something to push up the CPU load and then the fan starts spinning a little bit faster bringing the CPU temperature down. So my system starts out hot and cools down the more I use it, which seems strangely odd somehow.

So on line I went to see what would be the best course of action. To me it seemed that I might of need to replace the CPU fan. But then I decided to to try a different program called Speccy.

A second opinion wouldn't hurt. When I ran this one the temperature was a lot lower at only 35C (95 F).


On line forums suggested another program called HWiFO and it confirmed the temperature of my CPU at around the 37C (98.6 F) mark. So I think SpeedFan is giving me faulty info.


I'm relaxing a little bit more now, I'm convinced my computer isn't going into a complete meltdown.

So my recommendations:

HWiNFO - https://www.hwinfo.com/download.php
Speccy - https://www.ccleaner.com/speccy/download

If you still want to try SpeedFan - http://www.almico.com/speedfan.php