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Zooming In Or Out Of A Webpage

My Uncle called me because he said everything on his screen was gone all tiny. His cat had run across is keyboard and somehow managed to reduce or zoom out on his Chrome browser making everything look tiny.

So here is how to Zoom In or Out on your browser. In most cases using the CTRL and either the +(PLUS) key to make bigger will work or CTRL and the - (MINUS) key will make it smaller. But for more precise control....


Big Red O, top left hand corner. In the menu that pops down click on the +(plus) or -(minus) sign next to the Zoom option to make elements on your web page look bigger or smaller.



Same thing except click on the 3 stacked dots, top right hand corner.



Same thing except click on the 3 stacked lines, top right hand corner.



Click on the white V in the little red square, top left hand corner and click on View then either Page Zoom In or Out. You have to repeat in this case to make it bigger or smaller. They have numbers listed suggesting you can use number 0 to zoom in or 9 to zoom out but neither works on my system.



Go to View, then Zoom(100%), then pick a size.


Microsoft Edge

Three dots, top right hand corner, Zoom plus or minus.