Copy VHS Movie To DVD

My Uncle likes to record himself singing Christian songs on VHS tapes and made it my job to edit them and transfer them to DVD and occasionally update them to Facebook. Here are my procedures for doing this task.

First I have to transfer the recordings to DVD from the VHS tape. I use a Toshiba DVD Video Cassette Recorder D-VR7, my Uncle's actually. Just look beyond the keyboard.

It's a VCR and a DVD rolled into one. I can record from one to the other. So I place the VHS tape in and then a blank DVD disk into the DVD player/recorder. I make sure the DVD/VCR settings are set up for dubbing and then I have to; play VHS, pause it where I want to start recording, switch to the DVD, press REC/MODE to set length of recording and then the DUBBING button.

Once its finished, I have to go into the settings and Finalize the disk otherwise it will be unusable on my computer (or any else for that matter).

Then I have a unedited version of the DVD that I can just copy to my computer. I don't need a DVD ripper because it's not copyright protected. I do use a program called Convert DVD to AVI from www.convertdvdtoavi.com. Sometimes this program cannot read the DVD so I have to copy the files manually and convert them using another program, Any-Video-Converter from www.any-video-converter.com/products/for_video_free/.

I need to cut out the talking in-between the singing. I don't have a fortune to speed on high end video tech or software and I need to convert the VOB files to AVI to use them in AVI Cutter from www.spgsoft.com.

They also have a VOB cutter but the flakey time-line makes it completely useless. Their AVI Cutter is also flakey but I found a way around it (doesn't work with the VOB one). When I first open the AVI file I get an error message saying Problem Playing The File. And the time-line feature is shot. So I just open the file again. No error message and the time line works properly from there.

Then it's just a matter of going through the entire video marking the Start point and End point of a clip then saving and ...repeating...and repeating...and repeating....till the end of the movie.

Then I might have to upload one or two to my Uncle's Facebook account but mainly I had to take the clips and create a new DVD out of them.

Other than products already mentioned try these links for more Video Editing Sources:

  • www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-video-editor.htm
  • www.techsupportalert.com/best-free-audio-video-format-conversion-program.htm
  • www.softsea.com/review/Convert-VOB-to-AVI.html
  • www.solveigmm.com/en/products/avi-trimmer-mkv/
  • www.easyflv.com/flv-converter.php
  • www.flvjoiner.com/flv-video-cutter.html
  • www.freeaudiovideosoft.com/files/FreeAVIMPEGWMVMP4FLVVideoJoiner.exe

    A search from your choice of search engines would garner you a lot of other results.

    Voice And Video Out Of Sync

    The last video I did, Convert DVD to AVI did not work so I had to copy the files over manually and convert them using Any-Video-Converter but part of the video was out of sync with the sound. Had to do some research online to find a potential solution. I found out that changing the Framerate settings should fix the problem. Mine was set on 25, it was recommended try 24 or 29.97, I just set it to AUTO . I also changed the Framesize to match the original. It worked in my case.

    I'm not an expert when it comes to this stuff. I'm just working it out as I go along.