[HOME]9:09 AM October 11, 2018

Movie Not Showing On Stream

I wrote before about having a Maestro cable box from Eastlink. It's supposed to be the most advanced unit available but since I had it I keep loosing my channels, the usual error message it cannot connect to the media gateway. I got in touch with tech support before and they suggested it might have to do with system updates, so it seems that Microsoft is not the only ones screwing up their systems with updates. :-) One time they reset the box from there end. It didn't solve the problem but it did cut down on the number of times I lost my channels.

When I loose my channels it just a matter of unplugging the power from the cable box, waiting 10 seconds and plugging it back in. A pain in the you know what. That's why I kept fooling around with it's streaming capabilities. I honestly don't watch that much TV. Still waiting for Rick and Morty to make a season comeback. :-)

Last night I lost my channels again but instead of reseting the box I decided to watch a video from my computer through the Maestro. I had a few videos already in Videos folder on my computer but I noticed one of them didn't show up on the list of videos on my TV. I thought at first it might be a format issue because I have had this problem before, but it was a standard mp4 file.

I right clicked on the video in question and went to properties. On the General tab the only thing I noticed was the Security option that said: This file came from another computer and might be blocked to help protect this computer. I checked on the Unblock option and the the Apply button. It worked. When I refreshed the list of videos on my cable box the movie showed up. The only thing that doesn't make sense is that a number of other videos has the same security info but where not blocked from my cable box.