[HOME]9:36 AM November 23, 2019

Enable Flash In Chrome On Facebook

I wrote before on enabling flash games on Facebook in Chrome but the only problem is you got to do this everytime you close the browser. I was looking for a more permanent fix and I think I found it. It does require using the registration database. And just for the record when I say permanent I mean until Chrome updates and screws it up again.

Type regedit in the start search bar and then go to (hint you can just copy and paste the next line to the top of the registry bar and hit enter):


Click on Google on the left hand side and right click in the right hand pane and click on New then Multi-String Valueand in the box that apperas that is labled New Vlue #1 type in: https://www.facebook.com

Now when I go to Facebook on Chrome it says Allowed by your Administrator.