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New Home And FileZilla

My very first site was was posted around Oct. 2002. It was only one page long. It was back in my Win 95, 98, and ME days. I'm not sure why I gave it up but in July 2005 I started up my site again. Up until July 12 2009, when Geocities shut down their servers. So then I went to webs.com from July 12 2009 until July 30 2017.

The reason I gave up Webs.com, just to many issues to deal with. At first they where OK and then they switched to new servers. For me it all went downhill ofter that. To many blackouts, what I call the times for one reason or another I couldn't upload my pages. I originally had some .reg files and even a download utility on my site only to find out I could no longer host my own files to download.

Then my pictures started disappearing from my site. Unfortunately, tech support is almost non-existence. I don't know how big this service is or how many customers but they apparently only have two tech support guys. Basically it seemed like you had to submit a question and hope someone already answered it or post it to the forum and do the same thing. Anyway, I found out that the reason I was losing my pictures was because of the system became case sensitive. If I put up a picture called pic.JPG but on my web page called pic.jpg. The server would treat it as a different file. So I went to the site file manager which was always as slow as molasses running uphill and hunted down every picture with the .JPG in capital letters and renamed it to lower case..

When I update my site I have to update and upload a new copy of index.html, my main page in my case. It was OK for awhile but then all of a sudden my web-page wasn't updating. When I uploaded my index.html file, the one currently there would be automatically over-written, but, that changed to.

So going to the file manager, on site, revealed my new upload was be renamed index-1.html. So I had to manually delete the old one and the rename the new one. The one problem here, as I already pointed out the manager was slow to respond to any action. No progress bar and not even the spinning-cursor-hour-glass-icon thingy. :-) So I usually had to wait, and if nothing happened, click again. No indication if anything was happening.

So that was OK. All I had to do was to remember to go and delete the index.html file before uploading a new one. My memory was hit-or-miss. But one time I did remember to do it only to have an another issue develop. I was not able to upload my file. So I already deleted my index.html and couldn't upload my new one.

In fact I could't upload any HTML files. But I could upload my pics. Four days later and still not being able to upload any HTML files I decided to try the on-site web editor. I opened the editor, and opened my index.html on my computer and copied and pasted the code from my index.html to the on-line editor. I could still upload the pictures and if I could copy and paste my writings from my system to their on-line editor, that would be good enough.

And this is the straw that broke the camel's back. I copied and pasted the contents from my index.html to the on-line editor, I went to save the file as index.html, so far so good, stupid little captcha popped up, did I forget to mention these. Only for HTML files not for pictures. Clicked on all the squares that either had cars or street signs.... then.... ERROR.

Can't remember exact wording but basically, it wasn't going to happen. Tried it a few more times, same error. Tech support and on-line forum was useless. People with the same problems but no answers. Even people with paid accounts where having similar problems with no resolutions.

I canceled my account and deleted my site the same day.

I've never made any money from my site. Never even tried. It was more of an hobby for me. And I wasn't even going to upload it again. I currently have 79 posts, with 281 pictures. I had a lot more but decided to remove the more dated post's. That would have added over a hundred more pages. You can write a lot in 15 years. :-) Most free hosts force you to upload one file at a time. Not something I wanted to do.

But I found a host at https://x10hosting.com/

They allow you to mass upload even with their Free account using FTP - they even recommend FileZilla - https://filezilla-project.org/

The program is very simple to use. First you need to get the FTP account information from x10hosting or your hosting service which includes Host, Username, Password, and Port. Fill in the info in the spaces provided at the top of the program.


FileZilla automatically saves the connection info so the next time you use it just click on the downward arrow by the Quickconnect button and chose your login. Just click on Clear history if you don't want login saved.


Then your facing two Windows like explorers. The one on the left is for files on your computer and the one on the right is your server's system. On the Local site: section navigate to your files on your computer you want to upload. On the Remote site: side chose the folder you want to upload to. In my case I have to place my files in the public_html folder.

So in my example I have two HTML files to upload aug_2017.html and index.html. The text file is not for upload. So basically I just have to drag them over to the Remote site folder. It's as simple as that. Then I do the same with the pictures

I click on the images folder on the Local site and drag them to the image folder on the Remote site. The image folder is there where I originally dragged the image folder over that contained all 281 pics of my site.

If the file alread exists that your trying to upload you'll get the following warning box.


Chose whatever options you prefer and then click on OK. There is a disconnect button after at the top of the program, looks like a computer tower with a small red x by it. I just close the program which closes the connection automatically.