[HOME]9:51 AM June 5, 2020

Can't Install Chrome On Windows S Mode

Microsoft has sunk to new levels of bullying with its Windows S Mode.

A woman bought me her new laptop to transfer the pictures and music from her old laptop to her new. She bought two flash drives with her so that part of the job was a piece of cake. She usually uses Chrome, so I tried to download and install it for her. That's when the problem started.

I downloaded, went to the download folder, tried to run it and Microsoft store kept popping up and a message about Windows S Mode, Sorry for lack of screen shot. There was an option to disable it so I clicked on it.

It took me to a page to Switch out of S mode. With a blue Get button.

Then an Install button. I clicked on it. I gave me a warning about backing up documents. Fear-mongering on Microsoft's part. When I clicked on Yes, let's go button, I expected earthquakes, floods, end of the world type scenario, but nothing.

So I went back to the download folder and just installed Chrome with no other issues. This is all about control and not about protection and don't try to convince me otherwise.

Note: the ability to switch out of this mode might depend on the device and version of Windows 10 that you are using. Some support sites online are suggesting to switch to Windows 10 Pro, which you might have to pay for.