[HOME]8:00 AM May 29, 2019

Turn Off The Lights

Apparently, one of the world's leading health issues is the lack off enough sleep. One of the causes is all our tech especially bright monitors and other screen before you go to sleep. The problem seems to be the blue light coming from these devices. The current version of Windows 10, has an option built in to dim some of this blue light in theory making it easier for you to fall asleep after.

Just start typing in the search bar Night Light, click on it when it appears on the list and you'll be taken directly to the settings page.

I didn't bother with any of the settings other than turning it on by clicking on the switch under the Schedule section. Schedule night light and I check the Set hours.

It was already set at 9:00 pm at night till 7:00 am the next morning. On my system now it dims my screen giving it a yellow tint. By the way you will not see the scheduler until you enable it.

You can click on the Turn on now button to get an idea what your screen will look like. Use the colour slider to change the screen display more to your liking when it's active.

Have a good night's sleep.