[HOME] 9:50 AM May 26, 2015

Firefox and Seamonkey Crash Printing To PDF - SOLVED

I currently use Firefox as my main browser. I use Seamonkey as my email client. Recently I noticed both of them crashing when I tried to print / save a file as a PDF file. I had both PDFCreator and the Foxit Reader PDF Printer installed. I decided to experiment with Opera 12.16 to see what would happen there.

PDFCreator - www.pdfforge.org
Foxit Reader - www.foxitsoftware.com
Sumatra Reader - www.sumatrapdfreader.org/free-pdf-reader.html

So I opened a document in Opera, clicked on Print and chose the PDFCreator but the Print button was was greyed out and unusable. I tried the Foxit Reader PDF Printer but the same results. Before this I had problems with my Canon iP2700 printer where my computer acted like I didn't have a printer installed at all. Even though they where all listed in the print dialog boxes. Also they where all listed in the Devices and printers section of Windows.

But when I tried to access my printers settings I got a message claiming that the driver was not installed then it asked did I want to install it. I accepted and it just started working from there. It never occured to me at the time that all print drivers where affected. I don't know if something updated and just screwed with my computer printer settings. I recently uninstalled a Epson printer driver that I no longer use but I can't see where that would interfere since I used the printer a number of times since then. Maybe I'll just blame my favourite scapegoat Microsoft :-)

So I decided to uninstall alll the PDF drivers and reader programs. I had SumatraPDF and Foxit and PDFcreator and the Foxit Reader PDF Printer. Then I just decided to install Foxit along with it's print driver. I can again in Firefox and Seamonkey print to PDFs and in Opera 12.16 I can again select and print to the PDF printer. I don't know if it's necessary to uninstall the actual readers but I did anyway.