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Saving A Transcript From Your Favourite YouTube Videos

Have you ever watched a YouTube video, especially a do-it-yourself type video and wish you had a written copy of the instructions being spoken in the video. Well I figured out a way to do this.

First go to the video you want. You can pause it if it starts to play automatically.

Under the bottom right of the video and just above the red subscribe button you'll see 3 dots in a row. Click on them.


In the menu that opens, if available click on Open transcript. Then on the right hand side of the video the Transcript window should open. Note: it's up the the YouTube channel in question to determine if they want transcripts. If the YouTuber decides not to offer them then they will not be available. Also the quality will depend on if they choose to uploads their own scripts or allow YouTube to automatically add one through their automated systems.

If you want to get rid of the timestamps, numbers running down on the left hand side of the transcript just click on the three stacked dots, in the transcript window and then click on Toggle timestamps. Do it again to turn it back on.


Now, this first fooled me up. If you hover your mouse over the text it remains like a hand, I was expecting more of a standard cursor for selecting text but not in this case. But still just click at the beginning of the transcript and hold and drag down your mouse, basically, high light it. Then right click on it and choose Copy.


Then open up notepad or your favourite word-processor and paste it in.

Just another little suggestion; if you have a video or audio recording, and you want a copy of the text for yourself. Just start a YouTube channel. Upload the your recording mark it as private use this method to get the transcript. Delete the video after if you want. A little bit a work but you'll save a bundle rather than buying special software to do the job.