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How To Fix The Connection Was Reset.

Over the last few days when I browsing online, I would go to a page and get The Connection Was Reset error. I checked online and what suggestions I found, I tried, with no success. I even got in touch with the cable company. We recently had a blizzard that knocked out our power, but before it went off and stayed off, our power ws blinking on and off all day. I didn't know if that damaged my router or not.

Anyway, after a bit of a trial and error, I seem to have found something that works. Just disable the Firewall and enable it again.

Start typing firewall in your search bar.

When it shows on the list click on Firewall & network protection. When it opens, you will see Domain network, Private network, and Public network.

Click on each one and you'll see a on and off switch, click on it to turn it off. I did it for each one.

Now go to your browser and see if it makes any difference. It did in mine. There where a few pages I couldn't get to at all. Now everything is working.

So I then enabled the firewall options again by turning them all back on. Still working. The Windows Firewall is an extra layer of security but if your connecting through a router you can do without a software firewall. I was going to keep mine off if it kept interfering. So, if it fixed for the long run, only time will tell.