Block Certain Friends From Receiving A Post From You On Facebook

I received a call from a woman who wanted to know how to post something on Facebook but didn't want all her friends to see it. If you found yourself in this situation, here's what to do.

I'm assuming you know how to make a basic posting. Just click and start typing where it says, What's on your mind?

Facebook keeps changing this interface so these instructions are relavant as of 12:18 PM March 26, 2017. So when you go and click on what's on your mind a small windows pops out and the background goes all dark. So type what's on your mind.

Facebook now includes the options to change the background colour of the message box and the text itself. But you want to be able to exclude friends from seeing this particular post. So before you click on the blue Post button click on the button before that might already be on Friends or Public.

facebook-friends except-option

Now you got a little pop up menu - click on Friends except...Don't show to some friends. Then you get a list of your friends, just click on the one's you don't want seeing that post.


You'll notice the friend you picked, on the right hand side of their name the little circle with the dash turns red. If you change your mind just click on it again to uncheck the name.

Then click on Save Changes. Now you'll notice that Friends except... is chosen instead of just Friends or Public in that button. When satisfied with what you want to post and who you want to see it just click on the Post button.

So what happens if one of the allowed friends shares this post? I don't know for sure but my guess all bets are off unless they take similar steps to not share it to the wrong people.

Another tip I decided to mention here instead of a new post. This same person was convinced they where not geting all their posts from relatives. So I clicked around and found an option to force theses posts to appear first as they are posted in on their wall.


So in the search bar at the top type in the name of the one who's posts you seem to be missing. Click on their name in the list. I'm using my Brother's Facebook as an example. Noticed where it says Following. Click on that and then just click on See First. It worked in this woman's case. Please note older posts from this person will not jump to the top, only newer posts.