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New Acer Aspire X1430 - 64bit issues

My main computer since Dec 2010 conked out on me recently. Usually I would fix up an older one lying around but instead decided to go out and buy a new one. So for about $380 I purchased an Acer Aspire X1430, a desktop model. It has Windows 7 Home Premium (x64) Service Pack 1 (build 7601), 1.65 gigahertz AMD E-450 APU with Radeon HD Graphics, Multi-core (2 total). 500GB hard drive and 4GB RAM.

The worst thing about setting up a new computer is trying to get your new one set up to act , look and feel just like the old one. My old computer was a 32bit one, my new one is 64bit with a 64bit version of Windows 7 installed.

Now most 32bit programs will work on a 64bit system. One program that I will miss is called Micrografix Draw. One of the first desktop publishing programs I've used for years but sadly, it will not install on my current system. A few programs I had to download and install the 64bit version like 7zip - www.7-zip.org/

I notice that most 32bit programs that have a shell integration component will require the 64bit version of the program to work properly. Like the extra menus included for 7zip and the ones for XnView, my picture viewer of choice. www.xnview.com/. So if your missing extra right-click menu options from your installed programs on a 64bit install the 64bit version of the program.

Dell Angel USB TV Tuner And Windows Media Center IR Tuner

Getting my TV tuner to work - the drivers installed flawlessly, but trying to get any software to work with it still a nightmare. I bought a Dell Angel USB TV Tuner awhile ago on eBay - hitanykey.webs.com/mar52011.htm On my old computer it worked through the Catalyst Control Center and on my old Dell, it was the Windows Media Center but this time it would not work. Searching online I found the following info: My problem was that Windows Media Center was looking for an IR tuner which I don't have and Microsoft in their great wisdom dictated that all TV tuners shalt have a IR tuner.

I found these instructions but unfortunately, I lost the source of the information so thanks anyway to the original poster.

  • "Open Windows Media Center and go to Task>Settings>TV>Setup TV Signal click yes to whatever question come up. Click the default settings on the wizard until you get to the option where it asks if you want to setup your signal automatically or manually choose I Will Manually Configure My TV Signal select Antenna-it does not matter where you have your TV tuner plugged in. choose Analog Only Antenna after you go trough this return to TV Settings and click Finish." I quote but I know not who. :-)

    Windows 7 is not genuine BUT IT IS

    Finally, a guy bought me his Windows 7 laptop because it was displaying a message claiming that the Windows version was not Genuine. It was the version that came installed on the laptop. So I figured it would just be a matter of clicking on the option to activate the system and that would be that. I came across a similar situation before on someone's Vista laptop and that is all I did.

    I got the product key on the sticker on the bottom of the laptop and followed through with the activation process but it kept saying the number was invalid. I double checked and triple checked the number and it was the right one. I went online and found the following solution from: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-windows_install/windows-7-build-7600-this-copy-of-windows-is-not/05ed572a-9795-4c62-9a68-d314e681e274

    It is possible that Windows 7's Licensing Store may be corrupt or unreadable. Try the below steps to recreate the Store.

    1. Open an Internet Browser
    2. Type: %windir%\system32 into the browser address bar.
    3. Find the file CMD.exe
    4. Right-Click on CMD.exe and select 'Run as Administrator'
    5. Type: net stop sppsvc (It may ask you if you are sure, select yes) Note: the Software Protection service may not be running, this is ok.
    6. Type: cd %windir%\ServiceProfiles\NetworkService\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\SoftwareProtectionPlatform
    7. Type: rename tokens.dat tokens.bar
    8. Type: cd %windir%\system32
    9. Type: net start sppsvc
    10. Type: slui.exe
    11. After a couple of seconds Windows Activation dialog will appear. You may be asked to re-activate and/or re-enter your product key or Activation may occur automatically.

    I still had to enter the number a couple of time before it went through. If all else fails, restart your computer and then try to activate. To finish I downloaded a program to back up the activation info and burned it off on a CD, just in case. That backup program for your activation is Advanced Tokens Manager - forums.mydigitallife.info/threads/27341-Advanced-Tokens-Manager-The-Activation-Backup-Solution

    Or direct link http://download.joshcellsoftwares.com/AdvancedTokensManager