Opera VPN Not Connecting

If you are using Opera you may or may not be aware that Opera now has a Free VPN built in. VPN or Virtual private Network is like using a proxy server to hide your browsing habits but unlike simple proxy servers VPN's encrypt your data for that extra layer of security and privacy.

With Opera, the last few days, I noticed the VPN button was orange with the message connecting...


In the line where it says Optimal location, if you click on that you can chose what country you want, I tried them all with no success.

An on line search found other people with a similar issue. Solutions included changing locations, clearing caches, disable security, and wait till Opera fixes it.

I found a temporary solution until Opera fixes it. Just turn it off and on again. I call it temporary because it seems to hold when the browser remains open but I have to do this every time I open and close the browser.

Opera VPN Not Connecting - Part 2

After an update this no longer works on mine snd VPN still has problems connecting that is until I found another way to make it work.

Turn off the VPN. Click on the VPN button begging of URL or web address bar. Then click on menu, top left hand corner. In the drop down menu click on History.

Then in the top righ hand corner click on the Clear browsing data... button.

Then you get a Clear browsing data window open, I like to set these options to beginning of time, and check everything else. Then clcik on the Clear browsing data button.

Then go back to your VPN options. You may notice the data transfered this month is now reset to 0 B.

This works for now. So is it me or Opera?