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Convert And Burn DVD From Your Movie

A number of people asked about creating DVD's so here's a simple program and the basic instructions on how to use it. First download and install DVDStyler - www.dvdstyler.org/en/

So when you first open the program you'll get the New project window, the only options you might want to check is for the Video Format, check NTSC 720x480 and set the Aspect Ratio to 16:9 - then click OK.

Then you can pick a menu template or No template at all.

Then it's just a matter of dragging and dropping a file where indicated or right click in that area and click on Add then File and find the video on your hard drive.

Then either go up to the top left menu, File and then Burn DVD... or just click on the F9 key on your keyboard.

In the burn window that opens just check the burn option and then Start. If you want to create the image without burning just choose the just generate or create iso image option.

You'll then go to a Summary window to show the progress and when it's finished. And that's it.