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Facebook Chat Not Working

Facebook has a chat client built into it's page. This morning my Sister was trying to send a message to another Sister but was meant with a blank white message chat box.


Most web page loading errors can be fixed by clearing out the cache files or temporary Internet files. This was not one of these most times. Another thing that can interfere is your security programs, in this case it turned out to be Adblocker+ (this was in Chrome by the way on Windows 7).

So I clicked on the Adblocker icon and just chose the option to disable for Facebook. That did it.


Unblocking Flash In Chrome

I just got a call from a guy who couldn't play his games in Facebook. He was using Chrome. Chrome like most browsers have dedicated themselves to eradicating Flash of the face of the earth.

If your games stop playing all of a sudden and your getting a message to install Flash, in Facebook, look up to the very top of your browser in the Web address or URL bar. Look for a green lock symbol. Click on it.


Look for Flash on the menu that drops down, on my system it was set on Ask(default) - click on that and check instead Always allow on this site.

You'll probably have to reload the page.

Unblock Flash Firefox

Seems like the browser industry has declared war on Flash and Flash is loosing.

First with Firefox check to see if the Flash player is actually installed. Type about:addons in the web/URL address space. Check to see if Shockwave Flash or any Flash is installed. It might be just a simple act of Activating it. Mine is currently set Ask to Activate which means if I go to Facebook instead of the video files automatically playing I will have to click on them first. This use to work for Youtube to but no longer does.


I checked mine and on my system. Flash is installed but it was not showing up in the list as installed.

The solution is that you have to download and install the proper files by going to https://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/otherversions/

First in Step 1 choose your operating system. In my case Windows 7.


Then in Step 2, Select a version, that is the version of Flash you are trying to install. For Firefox you would want FP 28 for Firefox - NPAPI. Uncheck the optional offer in the center of the screen (unless you want it). Then click on the Yellow Download now button. Save it don't install it yet.

Close your browser first and then run the installer. When finished Flash should be installed in Firefox. Go to the addons to check it out. Choose how you want to Activate it.


Hopefully this will solve your Flash issues for Firefox for now but there is a time coming where Flash will not work at all. By then we hope that all websites will have adapted and updated so it will not be a big issue.

This currently works on my Windows 7 computer with the latest version of Firefox ver 57.0.2 (64-bit).