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How To Fix problems Starting Up Media Streaming

I wanted to start it up to stream a movie to my TV. But it wouldn't work. I usually disable these options for security and privacy when not in use.

I went to the Network and Sharing Center, just start typing network in the start menu search (or go through control panel). And then click on Change advanced sharing options, left hand menu. Then scroll down to the Media streaming section and click on the blue letters that say; Choose media streaming options...


This should take you to another window with a button with a shield on it that reads Turn on media streaming.


So I did, this should of taken me to another screen with more options but in this case it did not. When I went back to the last screen it said it was turned on but it wasn't. I could verify this not working by going to my cable box and trying to access the PC from there.

I checked on line and they suggested to use Windows Media Player and turn on streaming. I opened Windows Media Player - clicked on the Stream button - clicked on Turn on media streaming. And still didn't work.


Another suggestion on line was making sure the UPnP Device Host service was running. Type in services in the start menu search and open it up (or go through control panel in the Administrative Tools).

Find UPnP Device Host in the list and right click, then properties. Mine was disabled so I set the Startup type to Automatic, then Apply. Then clicked on the Start button. But it would not start, it said something about couldn't start the dependencies groups. That basically meant that another service(s) had to start up first.


Since Windows XP, two services I always disabled for security where, UPnP Device Host and SSDP Discovery. So I knew right away what other service it needed. Even though I didn't disable any in this case, maybe one of my security programs did. Can't mind it's name right now but at one time I ran an utility to disable Microsoft telemetry that disabled my LAN almost completely. Luckily it had an undo option.

With both of theses services enabled I again was able to enable media streaming. So on my cable box I went to the menu, Home Network, pressed OK and there it was. Movies still look better on a TV screen than a monitor.