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Crop Video With Free Crop Videos

I downloaded a video called Mrs. Brown's Boys from YouTube but the uploader had a background image on the video with the actual video shrunk down and over to the side. I wanted to crop this video out from its background and just save it, minus the background image.

I found a free program online called Free Crop Video. At the time of this writing, it doesn't come bundled with any other software.

Free Crop Video - www.easymakevideo.com/freecropvideo.html

Open the program and click on the red cross to add your video. This program does not seem to support drag and drop. You can add more than one.

Then click on the video you want to crop in the list and click on the crop tool. In the window that opens click on the outer edge of the video and drag the border inwards. The outer side that looks cloudy is what will be cut off. It's like cropping a picture. Do for all sides. Then click Ok.

Once you have isolated the part of the video you want to save click on settings. I only changed the format from WMV to MP4. Then click on Render in the top right corner.

I'm only dealing with a 30-minute video about 300MB in size. 720p. Under Status, it'll show the percent done and will tell you when finished. It only took about 10 minutes. Your mileage may vary. When you hit render it will ask you where to save the file, choose your folder and let it finish.