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Adding Page Numbers - OpenOffice

Headers are information (such as a page number) printed or placed at the top of each page of a document according to Merriam-Webster. www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/header A Footer would be placed at the bottom.

I have a 6 page document in Openoffice - www.openoffice.org. I want the pages numbered. The first thing I have to do is to right click on the page, anywhere, but if you have any tables don't click inside because you will not get the menu option you need.

First you need to enable the Headers or Footers.

So right-click somewhere on the page and in the menu that opens click on Page...

In the window that opens across the top click on the Header tab then put a check mark in the box Header on . Then click on OK.

Then scroll to the top of the document and click inside the header area. On the top menu then click on Insert, then Fieldsand then Page number.

And that's it, you should now see the page numbering on your document. Use this same method to input the date, time or whatever other info you want.