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Adjusting Borders Of Printed Web Pages

Every now and then I want to print up some info found on line or if I made a purchase on ebay, I like to print up a copy of the order. These printed copies usually end up in binders so I like to have at least a one inch border on the left hand side of the copy to be printed.

Here's how to do it in Opera, Chrome and Firefox.

In Opera and Chrome.

Ctrl + P to open the print dialog. In the print preview side of the window you'll see a dotted border surrounding the page to be printed. If you place your mouse cursor on this line it turns into a two sided arrow. Just click on hold and the drag this border to size you want.

You can see the size in the little black rectangular shape boxes on each border. I drag it till it reads 1".

Both Opera and Chrome use the same method except the print preview and the print dialog boxes are reversed.

If the borders are not showing just find the + More options or More settings in Chrome. Then in the Margins click on Custom. Now the borders should be there.

In Firefox

When you go to print in Firefox - click on the 3 stacked lines, top right hand corner and the Print in the drop down menu. This takes you to a Print preview, click on the Page Setup button. Then click on the Margins & Header/Footer tab.

Then type in how big you want your border. I typed 1" into the left margin box. I don't bother changing the others.

Note: Using Ctrl + P in Firefox will bypass this print preview option and go directly into the printer settings dialog.