How To Fix com.google.process.gapps has stopped

I just recently bought my first Android tablet. My Sister sold me her Proscan Android tablet. Most annoying piece of tech I've ever bought. Everything seems to updating all the time in the background. I'm tempted to ROOT it and see how much of that junk I can get rid of.

But first I like to tell you that a couple days ago a guy bought me his Surface (RT) tablet. It has Windows 8. From the description of the issue as he explained it the problem seems to be that is powers down when they don't use it but doesn't wake up. In theory just clicking a button should spark it to life but I'm told that it usually takes 2 days for it to happen.

Since Windows XP I had problems with Windows going to sleep but freezing up in that state and the only way out is to reboot. I also witnessed this issue on other people's computers as well. Usually rebooting will clear this out (until it happens again). Which leads to the next issue, fast reboot. Most computers, including tablets are designed to startup quickly - far as I'm concerned a big mistake.

Since they are not shutting down completely, turning them on and off again doesn't work so well as it use to. Pushing on the power button in this case only sends it to sleep mode. And if sleep mode is already frozen up....

To force a laptop to reboot completely you usually have to power it off by holding on the power button for 5 seconds. With these Surface tablets you have to hold the power button for 30 seconds. I might be wrong but I'm convinced that if they tried that they would not have to wait 2 days for it to clear out. My guess here is the battery power wears down and that then forces a complete reboot.

By the way scans for malware came out clean. Hard drive and memory all check out as well. What's your opinion?

I decided to disable the sleep options, by clicking on the battery icon then clicking on More power options > change plan settings > Then the options for Put computer to sleep, I changed both to Never. Then click on Change advanced power settings and I found the Power buttons and lid section. Click on the blue letters, they originally where on sleep I switched them all to Shut down. That way if it gets stuck again they might ba able to clear it out by just shutting it down.

Then, as I mentioned, my Sister sold me her old tablet because she bought a larger one. The one I now possess is 7", I think hers is around 9". She started getting an error message stating com.google.process.gapps has stopped. Which means some Google apps are misbehaving. Unfortunately, it did not specify any particular app.

I came across some info about clearing this cache or that. Nothing worked. Finally after trial and error I found the right solution. Go to Settings > Apps > All > Google Play services, select Manage space and Clear all data.

Got rid of that problem but created another. Going to the Google Play Store would result in the following error - Error retrieving information from server [rh-01].

To fix this one you have to go to Settings > Accounts > click on your account, then click on the 3 stacked dots in the top right hand corner and click on Remove account. Then go to Playstore and you'll be promted to set up your account again.

Now does anyone know a good rooting program for an Proscan Android tablet?

Aeroplan Sign-up Issues

My cousin had an Aeroplan account when he was working away, outside of the province. He wanted me to check online so he could redeem his points. Sounded simple enough. But...

So I went to www.aeroplan.com and clicked on the ENROLL NOW button. He doesn't have a computer or the Internet and never accessed his account online so I thought he would have enroll online first. So I clicked on the button filled in the necessary info with his current address but when I clicked on the button to submit the info, it claimed, Please note we have found 1 error(s) on this form! Of course it wouldn't tell me what the error was.

Tried different variations of the address but nothing would go through. Then we tried his address where he was working and living. Still, same error message. I thought it might be a browser issue so I tried Firefox instead of my usual Opera. Same error message. I went searching online for more help with this situation.

I just want to point out that he had called them previously and apparently the only way to redeem his points was online. I didn't find much info except a few people who made reference to it on Aeroplan's Facebook page. So I went to their page and pointed out that I was having the same problem. One suggestion that came back was that there was a problem with their web site and when I get to the Secret question part to use the option to Compose a question. But do not use any spaces or punctuation. So I picked the first question, What is your favourite holiday? and reworded simply favouriteholiday.

Still didn't work. So we had to call in. First of all I wasn't supposed to use the Enroll button at all, to bad their web site wasn't clearer. I had to click on the LOG IN button, then fill in the Aerplan Number and under the big orange LOG IN button I had to click on the word password?. This led me to a page where, if I remember correctly I had to put in some personal data (my cousin's that is), which then led to a page about putting in a password and choosing a security question. And then this happened....

Please note we have found 1 error(s) on this form!

It seemed to be going through and by this point I finished the call with tech support. Just a note when we first called we chose the menu option for a call back from tech support because it was going to take 47 minutes for one to be available. So then I remembered about the changing the security question trick and sure enough it worked.

The people at Aeroplan really need to work on their web site design.