[HOME] 8:13 AM February 17, 2017

CPU Fan Stopping - How To Fix

Got another problem wrong with my computer. I believe I've mentioned before about my CPU fan shutting down. It happened a few times in the past but it just got over it.

But for the past couple of days my fan is stopping and not starting up again. Sometimes If I restart the computer it will start up for a short while but then shut down again.

I noticed the issue when Speedfan - www.almico.com/speedfan.php indicated that my temperature was almost 80C. And I wasn't doing anything. I've been searching online for a replacement fan but I have a Acer Aspire X1430 desktop. A small computer case and a very small CPU fan. I've got a half dozen or more fans here but just my luck, known of them fit. And it's hard to find this model online.

For now I did find a way to force the fan to work.

I had to go into my BIOS, by clicking on the Delete key while booting up my computer. Then in the BIOS menu I have to navigate to the Advanced section and highlight

PC Heath Status.

It shows me the temperature and fan speed, listed as N/A. The only option I can change in my case is Smart Fan.

I just click on Enter key. And I use the arrow key to move up or down the menu and either Enable or Disable it. In this case I want to disable so I highlight it and press Enter.

Then I press F10 and then Yes to Save and Exit. It got my fan working again although a little noiser. A temparay fix until I can come across another CPU fan. But my question is, is this simply a fan gone bad or some other bigger problem waiting to happen? Only time will tell.