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Saving Facebook Videos

My Uncle wanted me to download some videos from Facebook for him and the first thing I had to ask myself, Did I have any program on my system to download Facebook videos? There are many down-loader programs and or extensions but trying to get one to do all, not an easy task.

I went on-line to check for a simple solution, instead of looking on my computer, for some reason. One of these days I'm going to have to try to figure out how my mind actually works. :-)

Anyway, I found a simple solution that actually works that doesn't require any software download. It works as of 8:11 AM November 1, 2017 on Opera. But browsers and websites change...

So sign into Facebook. Find a video. Click on it to play. I have a click to play option enabled in my Opera browser so clips like this don't start up automatically. If your video plays automatically you're good to go.

Right click on the video and look for the option Show Video URL


High light the Facebook address that appears in the little pop up box.

Right click on it and copy.


Paste this in the address or URL bar in your browser, a new tab or the same tab, your choice.

At the beginning of the web-page URL where it says www. erase the www and put the letter m So www.facebook.com becomes m.facebook.com


This will open the video in another page. Now when the video starts playing, or is started, right click on the video and look for the option to save the video...


Click on it. Put in a name because more likely it's name is just a long string of numbers. Chose the folder for download and that's it.