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Making A MP3 Disc With Burnaware Free

My main burning software currently is Burnaware Free from www.burnaware.com

Warning: at the end of the setup it offers to install Winzip and 360 Toal Security, just clcik on Decline for each or acept it if you want it. The extra offers may vary.

The interface is pretty straighforward. You make an Audio CD and a MP3 Disc the same way. I'm assuming here you alraedy have a source for MP3 files.

Both types of CD's have their Pros and Cons. The advantage of an audio CD is it's compatibilty with most CD players. On the other hand a MP3 disk can hold more songs. But your CD player must be compatible with the MP3 format for it to work.

So click on either the Audio CD icon or MP3 Disc, in this case MP3 Disc.

Then in the next window is where you drag and drop your music files to.

If it's easier to use try the green Add files button at the top of the program window.

If you want to burn muliple copies, click on Compilation. top left hand menu, then Options.

In the number of copies box click on the upward arrow to adjust accordingly. Then OK

Once you start dragging over your files you'll see the Estimated size on disc towards the bottom starts turning blue in proportion of how much space is left on the didk.

When you make an audio CD you have to go by the number of minutes. A standard CD can handle 80 minutes of songs. So you'll have to add up how long each song is in minutes to a total not over 80 minutes. The software does this automatically so nothing for you to worry about. If you add to many songs the estimate icon turns red adn you'll have to delete a song or two to confirm.

I have a folder with 20 songs and when I copy them over to make an Audio CD I end up with only 6 minutes left. So I could slip in a nother 6 minute song or two 3's and so on.

If I copy over the files to a MP3 disc I have 482 MB free. I copied the same files over and over until the CD icon filled up and managed 77 songs with 3 MB to spare. These numbers are going to vary depending on the quality or bitrate of the songs. A lower quality Bit rate would allow for smaller files and more songs to be squeezed on the disc.

Then just click on the Burn button. Red circle top left hand corner. And that's it.