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Using Your Monitor As A TV

I got a TV that makes a better monitor than my monitors. I could hook up the TV and Computer at one time but that means switching back from one source to the next. I got like a half dozen monitors and except for one, they are all VGA and mostly square in shape. I got this crazy idea to use my TV as a monitor and a monitor as a TV because that just the way my mind works.

I have some of theses so called adapters, VGA to Composite wires. But these don't work because there is no converter in between.

So I decided to buy a converter. A mini av2vga adapter as pictured.

I connected the composite wires to my cable box and the other end to the converter. Then the VGA end to my monitor. And finaly the USB goes into my computer (the white one on the bottom). The USB one is for power. It Works. Except no sound. I don't know why they even bother to put the red and white inputs there anyway because you cannot send sound through a VGA plug.

I have some wires stashed away here somewhere that have composite plugins on one end and ordinary stereo jacks on the other so I should be able to hook the sound from my cable box into the line in jacks of my computer. So that's basically how to use a VGA monitor as a TV.

This is a VGA monitor hooked up to my cable with the converter.