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View Ink Levels With A Canon Printer

I admit I'm a little disappointed with my current Canon printer. In fact I usually refer it to a complete piece of crap. It's a Canon MG2500 series Printer.

It you choose in the settings to use glossy photo paper this printer will not allow you the option of using a 8x11 sheet of paper. You'll get an error code 4102. A photo printer that doesn't allow you to print up full page photos properly. What are theses people high on?


You can still print pictures full page by just choosing ordinary 8x11 paper and bump up the printing resolution to it's highest. The only down side is the ugly uneven borders around the photo's because Canon, in their great wisdom decided the strip away the option of borderless printer.

If you want to print up full page borderless photos stay away from this crap trap.

When my current ink supply runs out I'm going to be searching for another printer and Canon will not be it's name.

If your unlucky enough to be stuck with a Canon and want to see the ink levels, other printers might have a similar options, just go to Start > Control Panel or Devices and Printers. In the Printers and Faxes section look for your default printer (green circle with white check mark).


Right click on it and go into Printer properties. Then click on the Maintenance tab.


Then towards the bottom click on the button View Printer Status. Then you get a little windows showing you the ink levels of your printer. In my case new printer time. No more Canons.