EasyCAP TV Capture On Windows 10

I've been fooling around with TV capture devices on and off for years now. This allows you to hook up your cable/satellite to your computer. I've rediscovered this one recently called EasyCAP that I purchased a few years ago. I decided to hook it up to my Windows 10 computer just to see if I can make it work.


In the past it wasn't hard to get the drivers installed but getting software that could pick up and use the capture device. I still had the drivers that I acquired when I originally bought this one. I hook up the EasyCAP to my computer. The drivers didn't install automatically so I had to install them manually. My device is now listed in my Device Manager as SMI Grabber Device.

I decided just to use VLC to try and capture my TV. So I opened up VLC and clicked on Media, top left hand menu, then Open Capture Device.


Then in the Capture Device window In the Capture mode area I originally picked TV - digital from the drop down list. It seemed like the logical choice.


Then I got a another list of options like Tuner card, Delivery system, Transponder/multiplex frequency and so on. Tuner card I only have one, I tried 0, 1, 2... Delivery system I discovered in the Americas should be ATSC. I had no idea what the frequencies should be. On line search didn't provide much useful info. I did find out someone on line suggested using DirectShow instead of TV - digital as the Capture mode.


So I tried it. In the Video device name and Audio device name I left it at default. Then I clicked on Play and sure enough, I got the video feed from my cable box. But the audio, was no audio just static. So I went back to the Capture Device screen and in the Audio device name I clicked on the option to use the SMI Grabber Device. The video option can stay on default or choose the same.


So it worked, I can now watch and record TV on my computer. Now that I got it to work ... I'll probably never use it again. :-)