Download Older Versions Of VLC

For reasons beyond my understanding I decided out of the blue to update my VLC media player. So across the top menu I clicked on Help then Check For Updates...


I had version 3.0.6 and version 3.0.7 was available. So I accepted the prompts to download and install the update. Bad mistake. My videos now seem to be cut into two panels a lower section that mainly remains green and the top section that shows the video but it's got green splotches that blink on and off randomly over the video. I tinkered around with the settings but couldn't clear it out.


On line searches found no results. It's a new update, so maybe thats why no info is available. So I decided to uninstall and reinstall the same version first thinking that the update somehow corrupted the already installed. But it didn't make any difference. So I decided to try and reinstall the previous version.

VLC does a good job of providing users with it's older versions. So go to this page: http://download.videolan.org/pub/videolan/vlc/

Scroll right down to the bottom of the page. In my case I wanted version 3.0.6 so I clicked on 3.0.6/


I wanted the 64 bit version so on the next page I clicked on win64/


Then in the next page I clicked on vlc-3.0.6-win64.exe


This started the download. So it was just a matter of reinstalling VLC from there. If you want any older version for some reason the procedure is basically the same. This problem may be exclusive to me but I doubt it. So what's up with updates lately?

Just a note. VLC acknowledged a problem with this update on some systems and provided a fix.