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Corrupted Recycle.bin?

One of the first things that I do when I set up a new computer is change the Recycle Bin settings. One of the biggest concerns with the Recycle Bin is the hard drive space that it wastes. I also find that delete confirmation notice a little annoying.

So I usually right click on the recycle.bin icon and go into properties and then type the number 1000 into the Custom size: box. With Windows XP there was a slider that I would always set to 1%. I would also always uncheck Display delete confirmation dialog.

Another thing i would always do is go into the Folder Options in the control panel then click on View and click on Show hidden files, folders, and drives and I would uncheck Hide extensions for known file types and Hide protected operating system files (Recommended). You'll get a warning message when you uncheck the last one, just click on yes.

Now when I open Windows Explorer I see a folder on my hard drive named $RECYCLE.BIN, it's usually hidden. If I right click on it I don't have the option to Empty the recycle bin like you would expect, in fact it's treated much like any other folder. But inside of that folder you'll find a sub-folder called Recycle Bin - that folder acts like the recycle.bin should.

Every now and then I notice that there is more that one sub-folder called Recycle Bin and they both have the exact same files in them taking up the exact same space. But if you right click on the $RECYCLE.BIN folder and go into it's properties it only shows the space being used equal to only one of the inner folders.

So my question is, How much hard drive space is my recycle.bin really taking up? The answer, I don't know. Why does this happen? I think this happens when I plug in external hard drives (when backing up). Why? ... Despite my lack of answers here I do know how to fix it until it happens again.

Just rename $RECYCLE.BIN. Don't matter what. I just stick .old at the end so the name is $RECYCLE.BIN.old. Then I want to delete but you will not be able to until you restart the computer. When the computer restarts you'll see it recreated the $RECYCLE.BIN folder and then you can just delete the $RECYCLE.BIN.old one.

Roblox Error Update Code 0x8007002

My brother called. His son plays these Roblox games. Anyway he was plalying them for awhile then all of a sudden they stopped working. After trying out some solutions found online the solution that seemed to have worked is resetting IE.

Start Internet Explorer or go to Control panel and then Internet options. Then click on Advanced tab > then click on Reset button > check the Delete personal settings button and the click on Reset button.


It worked for awhile and then went bad again so I talked him through using System restore.



Another thing is they have Avast anti-virus and I found a number of searches online claiming that Avast had a habit of marking Roblox as a virus. Because the error messages coming up usually mentioned something about files being missing. I'm wondering if the anti-virus program is deleting the files or at lease blocking them. Anyway they tried system restore and so far so good so we will see what happens.

Customize Your Logon Screen

When you first start up your computer you go to the logon screen where you put in your password to start up Windows. If your tired of seeing the same old background pic at that point, it's possible to change that using a program called Tweaks.com Logon Changer.


It's pretty simple to use. Download, run, click on Change Logon Screen button, pick background and that's it. If you click on the Test button you'll be logged out to see your new logon screen.

I've used it a number of times now with no problems. Below is a screenshot of my current selection. I also use it as my profile pic. It's a cropped version from the picture from here: http://aede-chan.deviantart.com/art/Persona-Lucifer-Helel-73483095