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Copy Pictures From iPhone To PC

My Uncle bought me his Android phone to copy the pictures off. He had bought a new one and wanted the photos transfered from the old to the new. First I tried to just plug in the phone to my PC copy them to my computer then plug in his new phone and copy them back. At this point I don't yet have his new phone in my possession.

Normally, I would just hook it up and it would show up as a removable drive in Windows explorer or My Computer. This time it would not. I plugged in the phone to my PC and the installing drivers would pop up but unfortunately, it would give an error of could not install driver.

I checked on-line, tried every solution I came across but nothing. Even tried it on a second computer with the same results.

So my second course of action, his old phone has a, I believe it's called a Micro SD card, about the size of your fingernail. I have a number of adapters that is supposed to be able to handle that card. None of them did. I have a new adapter coming from Amazon now but I don't want to wait that long.

My third choice was going to put the card from his old phone into his new phone, copy the pictures to the phone itself and copy them back to his new SD card. Turns out he didn't have a new SD card. So I just took the card out of his old phone put it into his new phone and just left it there. As long as you can get the job done.

Then a woman came to me with her iPhone. They had been out of town and took some pictures for her daughter's school project and wanted some of the pictures printed up. She wanted me to take the pictures off her phone and print them up. I couldn't make any promises but decided to give it a shot.

iTunes, what is Apple thinking? Using this program you can access everything from music, movies, TV shows, podcasts, books and apps, but not pictures. In theory it still shouldn't be that hard. Plug it into the computer, it should show up as a removable drive, find the pictures and copy them over.

So I got her phone, plugged it into my PC, the installing new hardware driver message popped up and this time I got the message driver install successful. But it still didn't show up in Windows Explorer or My Computer.

But this time the problem was easier to solve. On my desktop I have two free USB ports so I unplugged it from the one it was in and plugged it into the other. No driver install message so I went to Start then Computer and sure enough, under Portable Devices it was listed as ******* iPhone.

So I had to then navigate to Internal Storage then DCIM then 100APPLE. I could of just right clicked on the phone name and clicked on Import pictures and videos but I only need the eight pictures that she wanted. So I hunted them down and copied them over to my PC for printing.

Back to Android, it didn't help me this time but if your having problems with getting your PC to recognize your phone you could download the program from Samsung called Kies. www.samsung.com/uk/support/usefulsoftware/KIES/

It installs a bunch of drivers and a graphical interface that reminded me of iTunes. No promises, warranties or guaranties implied.