[HOME]2:24 PM April 14, 2020


I have a bunch of old IDE hard drives. I needed a good adapter to hook them up to my computer. So I ordered a new one on eBay. I found this one: IDE SATA to USB3.0 Sata 3 Cable Adapter Converter for 2.5" 3.5" Hard Drive. It's simple to use I had to plug the hard drive in the right connector for IDE. Desktop IDE and SATA drives need an external power source, unlike laptop SATA that can run directly of the USB.

There was a small power adapter, the one with the red, black, and yellow wires, that had to be plugged into the adapter and the hard drive. That was a bit of a struggle, I wish the wires were a bit longer.

Then there were two other plugins, one for the power plug and the USB that gets plugged into your computer.

If the hard drive is good, it will show up as another drive letter in file explore or my computer. All but one of my hard drives is good. I still have an old computer, IDE based, that I sometimes hook up just to back up files to it. So I will hang on to my old IDE drives, for now.