[HOME]7:36 AM April 10, 2019

Print My Fonts

I wanted to print up a list of fonts on my system, in the actual font faces themselves for easy reference when needed. I found a simple program online that could do such a job.

It's called Print My Fonts from www.sttmedia.com/printmyfonts-download

At the time of this writing, no bundled software to worry about. It's pretty simple to use. Open it up and it immediately gives you a visual list of the fonts on your system.

To print up a list just go to the bottom right hand side of the program under the Which Export Format should be used? section.

The only option I changed was in the section Which Text shouds be written?. I changed it from Example Text to The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.. This sentance contains all the letters of the alpahbet.

You can create a doument, picture or send directly to the printer. Then just click on Print.

The final result - my printed list was 10 pages long. I printed to Word-Document (DOCX) first just to see how many pages it would take. If I picked the HTML-Web Page option it creates a 14 page doucument.

Directly to printer 11 pages long.

One final note, if you pick any other option other than print, the Print button turns into a Export button and you'll be given a chance to save it somewhere on your system.