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How To Block Someone On Facebook

A woman called, she added someone to her Facebook account thinking she knew who it was but it turns out it wasn't. She didn't like some of the things he was saying and wanted to block him. She had already unfriended him. If you want to block someone on Facebook, do the following. Note: blocking someone automatically unfriends them so you do not have to unfriend them first.

First sign into Facebook. In the top right hand corner, just after the globe symbol there is a lock symbol with 3 short lines stacked up to the right of it.


Click on the last section titled, How do I stop someone from bothering me?

Then another section pops down, type in the name of the one you want blocked. I decided to block, Myself. Then click on the word Block.


Then you'll get a list of all potential suspects to block.


You should be able to identify the one by the picture next to the name. Neither one listed in this example is mine, by the way. My guess you can't block yourself. :-)

Click on the Block button on the right hand side of the list. Then you'll get this warning message that tells you what will happen concerning this person. They give you a couple of options to take a break, or Let him know. or just click on the Big Block name button.